Green Dwellings is a Premium Brand. We don’t publish Individual prices because they are subject to change especially in the time of Covid. Customized Options can also change a price. The site work also varies greatly for each location. Generally, the prices start at approximately $200,000 for 1-Bedrooms, $300,000 for 2 Bedrooms, $400,000 for 3-Bedrooms, and $900,000 for our 4 Bedroom OCEAN 4 MODEL.

Other Costs

  • Transportation-each location is unique
  • Crane-different sizes required for different models
  • Foundation-stem wall or pilings depending on zoning

The Owner’s Responsibilities Include:

  • Provide a recent survey of your lot.
  • Provide a geo-tech (soil boring) study of the soil.
  • Make sure there are no large low-hanging trees or wires on the lot or roads leading to it.
  • No sandy/mud roads or small bridges.
  • You as the homeowner can pull the site permits or we can provide a General Contractor.

Green Dwellings can provide their GC/engineer for the following or you can do it yourself:

  • Our General Contractor can price all your site work such as; foundation, garage, decks, staircases, patios, driveway.
  • We provide the delivery and installation quotes.
  • Building the foundation with guidelines from Green Dwellings.
  • Connecting the electric panel to the grid; the house is fully wired and inspected by the State of Florida at the factory with a seal on the 200 Amp Box.
  • Connecting the plumbing to the sewer line; the house comes fully plumbed.

Built in Three months – Installed 90% complete in one day