Our Mission

Designed for the tropical/sub-tropical environment, Green Dwellings set out to create a beautiful, contemporary, healthy living space while reducing waste and the carbon footprint. Our goal is to produce more energy than we use. The company spent three years in research and development and another year designing a line of residential and commercial buildings

Green Dwellings’ stunning, contemporary designs employ the most innovative, state of the art energy saving techniques. Using only recycled and renewable materials, this new philosophy of building focuses on reduced energy consumption. Some of the systems are active like the solar PV and hot water panels hidden on the roof. Others are passive as in the water collection system that is used to irrigate. We create a healthy living space with no toxic paints or chemicals and mixing fresh dehumidified air into the tight thermal envelope.

The solid construction of steel and concrete with impact windows meet the highest hurricane standards. Steel and concrete are resistant to termites and mold another big plus in the humid and hot tropical climates.

All Homes are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum Certifiable. For those who are unfamiliar with this rating standard, it was developed by the US Green Building Council to rate buildings based on hundreds of criteria to measure how energy efficient they are. There are three levels Silver, Gold and the highest Platinum. Green Dwellings has been working with a paid LEED consultant from the beginning to assure we would meet the highest standard.

Our method of building is new too. Unlike the old way of site construction that is wasteful, subject to the elements, and very time consuming, our modular homes are built in a controlled factory facility. The factory is in Florida so as not to create a big CO2 footprint in transporting over long distances. GREEN DWELLINGS CAN SHIP TO ANYWHERE IN FLORIDA, THE KEYS AND IN BULK TO THE CARIBBEAN. Using this method of construction is faster, more efficient; better quality control at a much better price.

Our homes are Smart too. Available as an option is a “Brain”, a home integration system that is capable of controlling all functions from any mobile device. It is prewired and you can add whatever is important to you from music, lighting, climate control to window shades and security cameras.

This house has it all. Did we tell you it can be ready for delivery in three months? The house arrives 90% finished. Yes, it is wired and plumbed. The kitchens and baths are finished. All of these things have been inspected by the State Of Florida in the factory. Our General Contractor is available to price all of your site work if you like.

Built in Three months – Installed 90% complete in one day